Monique Rouege, MBA


Dual BAA in Business Administration and Business Management; Master's degree in Business Management and Finance

Monique B. Rouege is the Owner/Director of Carlie Care Kids Child Care and Pre-School Center. Monique is very passionate about early childhood educational development and committed to producing positive outcomes for the children and the community. She trains, motivates and supervises 25 talented staff members who are invested in providing research-based curriculum while creating a nurturing educational environment.

Understanding that the administrative responsibilities are important factors for the operation of her center, she has staff in place to address all operational components. In addition to an Assistant Director, she employs staff who address budget, payroll, monitor licensing regulations, enrollment, food program, cooking and facilities management. Monique is certified as a classroom observer for infants, toddlers and Pre-K students by Teachstone. She is credentialed as a Making the Most of CLASS Interactions (MMCI) Trainer and MTP Coach (My Teaching Partner). Monique observes several classrooms throughout Greater New Orleans where she scores classrooms on their efficiency in meeting the educational and developmental needs of children.

A native of New Orleans, Monique’s educational background includes an MBA in Business Management and dual BAA in Business Administration and Business Management. Prior to launching Carlie Care Kids, Monique was a Government Account Manager at LSU Healthcare/IDX Corporation /GE Healthcare.

  • ability to inspire and motivate
  • creativity to design activities and materials
  • IT, organisational and planning skills
  • ability to manage classes and deal with challenging behaviour

Teacher Skills

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers prepare younger students for future schooling by teaching them basic subjects such as math and reading.

  • Reading/ELA - 40%
  • Math - 30%
  • Science - 10%
  • History - 10%
  • Art - 10%

Qualified Staff

Carlie Care Kids staffs a diverse group of teachers and para professionals dedicated to motivating and transitioning infants and toddlers to the next level of socialization and learning.